Eat Sleep Work is an independent brand & design agency whose work is made up of brand identity, packaging, exhibitions, websites, digital experiences, advertising and marketing communications and social media content creation.

We believe great design cannot exist without passion and strategic creativity.

Founded in 2005 by Jonathan Wang and John ‘Chimmy’ Chiembanchong, Eat Sleep Work was created as a one stop shop, a creative hub and launchpad for the ideas you’ve always wanted to realize. Located in Los Angeles, CA and Tucson, AZ.

& gallery

Founded in 2018, & gallery is our art gallery established in Tucson, AZ. Design and art are the two pillars of our overall beliefs and philosophy. We believe in a partnership in creativity and ideas whether that’s logos, websites or art on the wall. Creating and fostering art carries equal weight to designing, coding or branding.
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Our Philosophy

To create whatever possible to succeed with an undying passion for your brand. Eat Sleep Work represents more than our design agency and work ethic.

  • ESW represents the individuals who are deeply passionate in the trade we chose to work.
  • ESW represents people who believe that change can happen starting with just one person.
  • ESW represents the unique brands who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and feels right at home with a family of misfits.

It’s not just making a difference; it’s conceptualizing without boundaries and designing with endless possibilities.
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